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Introducing WebFOCUS Business User Edition

Inexpensive, Secure, Scalable Business Analytics for Your Whole Team

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WebFOCUS, the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible BI and analytics platform, is now available in a workgroup edition, for non-technical business users and analysts.

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Cut Costs, Increase Revenue – we’ll get you there – fast.

Business User Edition (BUE) edition is designed for groups of up to 100 users who wish to generate and share reports, charts, documents and dashboards, and to conduct data discovery to identify trends, patterns and opportunities – all based on the WebFOCUS enterprise-grade Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform.

A Self-Service Analytics Solution

Based on a Proven Platform

WebFOCUS Business User Edition is a sophisticated and flexible workgroup solution for non-technical users. This is important because this proven underlying technology platform delivers several capabilities that are critical to successful adoption and value:

  • Server based infrastructure to manage the resource needs for multiple users
  • Group and role based security model to manage access and content delivery for a range of user types
  • Data governance and metadata management, ensuring delivery of a unified view of trusted data
  • Processes for managing content collaboration and distribution
  • Access to an extensive set of data adapters, from simple SQL databases to complex SAP Hana data sources.
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FREE 30-Day No-Obligation Trial

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